Heroes Fund
The Heroes' Fund provides one-time financial support to combat veterans, or active duty military serving in a combat zone, and their immediate families who are facing financial hardship.

Sometime even heroes need help.  Our combat service members, veterans and their families are heroes to us.  Some are everyday heroes and some are uncommon ones.  Most would not consider themselves heroes, rather they tell us they were just doing their job.  Doing their job means preserving our freedom.  Please help us continue to help them.

Honor our Veterans and Service to our Country:  We believe those who wear our country's uniform do so with a sense of duty, knowing they support the cause of freedom. We serve by assisting them and their families.

Do What is Right:  We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all we do. Honesty and integrity engender trust, which is the cornerstone of providing our services. We are careful stewards of the resources provided by our donors.

Respect Others: We recognize that our success depends on the talents, skills and expertise of our volunteers. We appreciate our diversity and believe that respect for our colleagues, clients, partners and all those with whom we interact, is an essential element of all positive and productive relationships.

Perform with Excellence:  We understand the importance of our mission and the trust our clients and donors place in us. With this in mind, we strive to excel in every aspect of our activities and approach every challenge with a determination to succeed.

The Heroes' Fund assists military families of combat-zone veterans or those coping with a combat deployment, primary financial provider in a combat area and injury recovery, as they struggle with devastating budget issues.  Financial struggles exacerbate an already difficult time of life.  We provide one-time financial assistance to service members and their families as they take corrective action to resolve their financial situation.  Financial assistance is in the form of checks paid directly to creditors or vendors.

Who We Help:

• veterans who have served in any combat zone during War or Conflict

• active military who have served in any combat zone during War or Conflict

• currently deployed combat military who are the primary financial provider for their family

• Immediate family of combat veterans or active military who served in a combat zone

• Must have resided in Butler, Hamilton or Warren counties for 90 days prior to application.

Requests are handled on a case by case basis. We generally DO NOT cover:

•  airfare, hotel, car rental, or other items for vacation, R&R or to meet deployed service members

•  elective medical procedures

•  non-elective medical procedures which exceed the maximum allowed by Heroes' Fund (if part of insurance co-pay)

•  legal fees or bills

•  credit card payments

•  cable / internet bills

•  tuition, school books or other school fees

•  "rent to own" purchases

•  home construction or reconstruction/improvement projects (house painting, window treatments or any similar projects)

•  purchase a new/used vehicle

•  any items determined by the committee, during review to be "comfort items" (vs safety or livability items)

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